When someone talks accidentally, the Air Jordan 1 Mid is an engine that pretends to be unmatched, New Drop Jordans and it drops more pictures than its mature brother. Later, it was considered to be an item exclusively issued by GS, although it is not a "Brazil" dunk product, but there are two ways that are very close. Then, then, the collar plate was completed with a neutral white background color, which can be said to push the inspiration into the field of Green Bay Packers. The Air Jordan 1 Center Court (Air Jordan 1 Center Court) was unveiled at the beginning of 2020, but there is no other version of Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) logo sneakers that has won the hearts of sneaker collectors. However, in the past year, her models have built a roster of healthy figures, and the most recent suits are proud of a variety of different color shades. The tumbling leather upper is inspired by the pink powder of the tennis shoe; the details of the embroidered "wing" badge on the heel are also the same.

Mark Mark Gonzalez (Mark Mark Salez)-the broader name is "Mark Enz"-in collaboration with A Legend Dass Motorcycles. After this year's Didi team 2021Shoes Aloha super shoes, the skilled worker finally waited for the character to shoot the cute super star commercial, and Gonzalez almost completely put on the "core black" look. From the leather to the mouth, the shell face, the foil, the inside, and the tools are all here to stick "Schmoo" birds. Their nubuck leather is obvious on the surface, and their neon color looks very clear. Under the soles of the feet, the Air Jordan 1 type completed the late spring entry with the off-white sole unit, making the upper ground more spotlight.

Nike Air Max2021 may not be as popular as some predecessors, Air Jordan 1 Fearless but it directly creates a list of the brand's latest products. The synthesis of the model helped different modes and images, providing the foot position of the front and midfoot. Yellow and red. Under the sole of the foot, the sole unit further has a concealed shape, and the air cushion around the heel wears a translucent style under the foot. Running shoes before. There is no doubt that Gelkaben is an original designer in the history of the United Kingdom, and he easily attracted the audience's favor with a large number of works. This extension of the archive to his place. The upcoming collaboration with Vans’ Vault, a capsule, each piece of which is written to a specific muse’s love letter.