In the Yeezy 700 pedigree, only three models can be traced back: Yeezy Boost 700, Yeezy Boost 700 v2 and Yeezy 700 v3. New Release Yeezy fans have their personal favorites, YEEZY 700 v2 is indeed a popular choice because of its sporty/chunky design. Yeezy Boost 700 v2 was launched in December 2018. The first launch was a "static" color scheme-just a mixture of light gray and dark white, allowing the outline to speak. Considered the most coveted color scheme, "Static" will return to Yeezy retailers for the first time since its debut. Yeezy Mafia is confirmed to be released in the spring of 2022, specifically in January, February or March of the business calendar. If the suggested retail price is $240, these products may soon disappear from the shelves, unless there is a lucky draw.

About two months before 2022, Nike Air Max 95 ushered in arguably the most decisive autumn color. The orange pop color, although it is late to Halloween, New Jordan  adds interest to the place where the eyes stay and the mini Swoosh. Warm colors are also applied to the Air Force, providing a slight glow between its dark housing. The same neutral decorations are also adorned on the upper, although they are largely concealed by the aforementioned brown and brown suede layers and olive mesh/leather panels. KITH and Converse have a long history, specifically 10 years ago. To celebrate their ten years together, the pair prepared two "Chuck 70" with a large number of badges. This pair of black and white shoes is simply a trademark fanatic, showing the name of KITH in various fonts and styles. These are likely to be references to many past series and partnerships of this streetwear icon as a readable history of the past years. Although the color of the graphics and the canvas background may change depending on the color, the natural soles, overlay labels, and co-branding will not.

Remember that time, Air Huarache was the most popular sports shoe on the planet? Sneakerheads2020 are not talking about when running shoes first appeared in 1991, even though running shoes were quite popular at that time. Specifically, what we are seeing now is the 2012-2014 era, when comfortable casual shoes begin to dominate. Considering the existence of this classic Tinker Hatfield shoe, a new design is not necessary at all. Due to its scarcity at the beginning of the 21st century, Nike Huaraches was once one of the most sought after sneakers by collectors. Ten years later, Nike opened the gates of Wallach, and when Zara and H&M robbed you of your money, you knew you were successful. In the past few years, Hua Laqi has indeed cooled down. This is only because the diversity of products and brands has improved during this time. However, few people can have the "timeless" quality like Air Huarache, and its success cannot even be placed on the entire nostalgic movement, because Huarache is still a modern-looking silhouette. This is the true genius of Tinker Hatfield, the legendary architect who designed the most important sneaker ever made by Nike.

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