Since the early 20th century southern literary talents have been flourishing. The newer poets, essay writers and authors use their writings to explore the challenging social values of the south while also drawing upon traditional southern values and culture. During the period of general illiteracy, two teenage Negro girls flourish with their reflective ability to write out words like a rose rising out from real. Maya Angelou, the author of “Graduation”, and Alice Walker, the author of “Flower”, are two adolescent girls nurtured in the isolated south with alike struggles. The two compositions by Angelou and Walker are about the cruel realism each comes across through racism, and how they each conquer difficulties when the chances are piled against them. Angelou and Walker both fluently relate their life know-how with comparable metaphors and writing methods. They both have resembling themes such as themes of family, travel and identity.

Both girls describe the customization their families carefully put into their clothing for particular events. In Angelou’s writing, she demonstrates the preparation her mother puts into the clothing that will be put on during her forthcoming graduation ceremonial. Angelou talks of how her mother prepared the dress for her graduation, with so much styling in it, that it appeared very smart that would make her look very attractive, like a model, with very fine design. And that did not worry her since she was just twelve years of age.Walker also immodestly expresses the dress she wears in the house of worship on Easter Sunday that was styled with concern by her sister and mother.

Identity is also evident in both stories. In Maya Angelou’s Graduation, the identity theme was created by sharing the story of black southern girls growing. She used the life story to picture means of writing about female’s lives and distinctiveness in a male conquered society. In the Flower, Myop decides to view the world and the social order around her with a less fair view. Myop alters from living a childlike and carefree life, which is symbolized by her skipping and picking of flowers to leaving behind her virtuousness, and the laying of flowers on the man’s corpse and she is being changed by what she observed. Both writers find self-identity and recognize themselves as members of the society.

Anxiety in Alice Walker’s story and the uneasiness in Myop’s environment intensifies as she ventures farther around into the globe, wandering away from the path known to her, being very watchful for the snakes and ending up in a mile or more from the home place. Travel is also seen in the Graduation, which is somewhat a national theme to Americans citizens. The theme is focused on the writer’s search for freedom. Angelou sought to develop an authentic self and freedom to find it in their society. Both writers use the theme of travel to illustrate self-identity and freedom in their communities. However, Myop in the Flower story, turns back home to the peacefulness of the morning and her going back is indicated by her astonishment and her recognition of the dead man’s body.

Alice Walker’s The Flower and Maya Angelou’s Graduation are very enticing stories, exploring the challenges the black people faced in the past, the cultural norms, and the fight for freedom and their realization to self-identity.

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